Another Way To Fight Vol.3 (Coletanea)

Disponivel para download, o terceiro volume da compilação "Another Way To Fight" do site frances de musica cristã Beehave, e desta feita com 66 titulos e mais de 4 horas de audição, divididas em quatro partes ou download completo. Para o deleite de todos !!!

Another Way To Fight - Vol 3 - CD 1 (Download)

.Aaron Crider - Hallelu
.Abel - Standing Still
.Anchors - Singularity
.JJ Heller - Tell It Again
.Lovelite - Apathy
.Future Of Forestry - Do You Hear What I Hear
.The Sleep Design - Fire, The Grave, & The Eyes of Man
.Sleeping At Last - Porcelain
.The Ember Days - Simple Song
.A Play On Words - Only At The Right Time
.Calling Out Closer - Breaking Boundaries
.Everett - Lay Down Your Arms
.Ian MacIntosh - Flight
.Bellarive - New Atmospheres
.The Neverclaim - Revival
.Zoo Seven - Hundred Ways

Another Way To Fight - Vol 3 - CD 2 (Download)

•La Rose De Saron - Des Barbus Des Chasubles
•Sons Of God - Doubt
•Semperfi - 1608 (Radio Edit)
•My Epic - Lower Still
•Messengers - Creation
•Your Memorial - Atonement
•The Chariot - The Audience
•War Of Ages - Collapse
•Space In Your Face - Le Mal Du Siècle
•Saphena - Ich Sehe Mich
•Saving Grace - Unbreakable
•Second Thief - Such A Waste
•Deuteronomium - Defending The Faith
•Never Back Down - To Those Who Search For Brightened Days
•The Stand - You Know Your Name
•In Sheperds Arms - Family Hood

Another Way To Fight - Vol 3 - CD 3 (Download)

•Flatfoot 56 - Stampede
•Atmosfog - Ferme Les Yeux
•Make Up Your Mind - Break The Plank
•Audiovision - Keep The Fire Burning
•Luther-N - Confession
•Sinbreed - Infinitys Call
•Coriolis - All For One
•Theocracy - On Eagles' Wings
•Templar - Institution
•See The Light - Brave The Seas
•Malchus - Passio
•Conspiracy Of Thought - Nothing More Than Light
•Harmony - Inner Peace
•Illuminandi - The Promise
•The Sacrificed - No Promise Of Tomorrow

Another Way To Fight - Vol 3 - CD 4 (Download)

•A Hope For Home - The Overman
•A Plea For Purging - Shiver
•As Hell Retreats - Poor God
•Beautiful Dying Day - I've Been Left Deaf Still
•Course Death - A Storm Gathers
•Debtor - Escape
•Dependency - Fragile
•Fit For A King - Messenger Messenger
•I Am Alpha And Omega - The Roar And The Whisper◊
•Impending Doom - Orphans
•In God We Trust - We're Not From Here
•The Brigade - Teeth and Crowns
•Conduit - Architect
•Thin Ice - You Were There
•Escape From Sickness - Our Earth
•Grave Robber - Fill This Place With Blood (Exhumed)
•Showbread - I Never Liked Anyone And I'm Afraid Of People
•The Myriad - You Waste Time Like A Grandfather Clock


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