Timōrātus - "Black" EP 2014 (Unblack Metal / Doom Metal)

Band: Timōrātus

Genre: Unblack Metal / Doom Metal

Location: USA

Album: "Black" EP 2014    [DOWNLOAD]


"Vigiai e orai, para que não entreis em tentação; o espírito, na verdade, está pronto, mas a carne é fraca." Marcos 14:38

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  1. I just released a moment ago the next EP in the story of Kafla if you all want to check it out. It's the Death Metal EP, the previous being black metal.

    You can find the first (Black EP) on my bandcamp as well. Everything is always and will be forever free.
    The next will be Doom and should be out God willing by the end of the year. Heh, working full time makes it hard to be able to record.

    Thanks everyone and God Bless!